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Application of batteries in industrial automation
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  • Date : 2020-05-18

The proposal of the Made in China 2025 strategy will make the innovative application of new generation information technology more active. In the process of product design, production and management of industrial enterprises, high-end automation systems and intelligent precision production equipment have increased significantly. Firstpower battery products provide highly reliable power support for various high-end equipment, automation systems and control systems in the industrial field, and escort industrial automation equipment such as "industrial control equipment, PLC, DCS, instrumentation, digital control, industrial Internet, robots".

In the key links of industrial production control, it is even more necessary to equip industrial batteries that can adapt to harsh physical environments, power supply environments, and load environments to ensure safe, continuous, and reliable operation of the industrial production process. The Firstpower battery LFP series adopts the most advanced control technology and electronic power conversion technology, as well as PCBA three proof spraying technology, which can well cope with various harsh environmental conditions in industrial occasions, and can adapt to grid requirements such as harmonic interference, surge impact, and special voltage. With excellent high reliability, it has a strong appeal in the industrial market.

The high-quality batteries developed and designed by Firstpower provide a "millisecond level" battery power supply safety solution and idea for key industrial automation equipment and control systems. They have outstanding characteristics such as high power factor and low harmonic current, have an ultra wide input voltage range, high reliability and applicability, and are of great significance for ensuring the power supply safety of their key equipment and control systems and achieving greater improvement in production performance.




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