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Core Technology

Core Technology
Since its establishment, the core technology has formed a stable and innovative lithium battery module system research and development team, with a development philosophy of

With the aim of "integrated innovation", based on "project management", relying on "elite teams", and using "original craftsmanship" as a platform,

Fully highlighting the unique core competitiveness of "rapid response, continuous improvement, tailored design, and strong guarantee" to fully meet special needs

Users have a special demand for special products and continuously create value for them throughout the entire process of serving special users.

The engineering team of the technical center has specialties including industrial design, electronics, power supply, structure, process, software, measurement and control, electrochemistry, etc

More than 30 people in the technical category

High energy density
The mass energy density of the ternary lithium cobalt oxide system is 285 watt hours/kg, and the volume energy density is 700 watt hours/L.

High magnification
Continuous discharge at 100 ℃ for ternary, lithium cobalt oxide, and lithium iron phosphate systems, with temperature rise controlled within 40 ℃.

high temperature
(ternary, lithium cobalt oxide system) 80 ℃ high temperature continuous cycle for 200 weeks; Store at 85 ℃ for 48 hours.

High voltage platform
The maximum charging limit voltage of the lithium cobalt oxide system battery can reach 4.45V, and the platform voltage can reach 3.85V.

Low temperature charging
Supports charging at -40 ℃ and a low temperature of 0.2 ℃, with a discharge cycle of more than 300 cycles.

Low temperature discharge
-50 ℃ low-temperature discharge, with a capacity retention rate of over 75%- Continuous discharge at a high rate of 40 ℃ and 5 ℃, with a capacity retention rate of over 80%.


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