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Pack Structural Engineer (Energy Storage Direction)
Shenzhen Longhua District | 5 years of experience | Bachelor's degree
Job Information
1. Determine the structure scheme of the PACK battery pack based on customer needs or market feedback;
2. Responsible for the 3D design of lithium battery PACK, 2D structural component drawings, formulation of structural component inspection methods, assembly and testing guidance, and pairing with other engineers for product functional verification
3. Responsible for the design of structural DFMEA, the compilation and issuance of technical documents such as structural component BOM, and controlled distribution;
4. Responsible for component material selection, supplier sample testing, and material recognition:
5. Optimize product structure design, reduce manufacturing risks and costs;
6. Resolve customer complaint anomalies, organize experience accumulation, and avoid historical issues.

Job responsibilities
1. Bachelor's degree or above, majoring in mechanical engineering, with 5 years or more of experience in lithium battery structural design;
2. Have 5 years or more of experience in home storage/household storage structure design, familiar with the layout and assembly process of square, cylindrical, and soft pack electrical appliances, and understand the structural characteristics of electrical appliances;
3. Who is proficient in using 2D/3D design software;
4. Familiar with lithium batteries, with a certain understanding of lithium battery industry norms and standards.


System Integration Engineer
Shenzhen Longhua District | Associate Degree
Job Information
1. College degree or above, major in electrical, materials, and related fields, familiar with industrial and commercial storage;
2. Having professional knowledge in power automation, familiar with technical specifications related to power grid, transmission and distribution, wind power grid connection, energy storage power stations, etc;
3. Familiar with digital circuits, analog circuits, electronic equipment process specifications, and mechanical drawings;
4. Familiar with the application of modules such as battery cells, packs, BMS, PCS, etc. in energy storage systems;
5. Familiar with the design and development of battery modules, packs, BMS, and EMS systems;
6. Capable of managing technical teams and effectively leading the development and promotion of technical projects.

Job responsibilities
1. Responsible for the development of the company's energy storage (industrial and commercial storage) products;
2. Responsible for planning, designing, developing, and testing the overall technical roadmap of the energy storage system;
3. Guide the team in product component selection, cell routing, overall cooling scheme, electrical architecture scheme, BMS scheme
Fire protection plan, electrical drawing, etc;
4. Responsible for solving various problems that arise during integrated system development, tackling technical difficulties, and resolving unexpected issues;
5. Responsible for guiding the installation of the project, conducting technical confirmation for on-site changes, and providing technical support and consulting to business departments;
6. Responsible for the specification and definition of design standards, as well as the output of product information, forming a complete set of documents and storing them.


BMS Software Engineer
Shenzhen Longhua District | Bachelor's degree
Job Information
1. Bachelor's degree or above, majoring in science such as electronics, mechatronics, and computer science;
2. Have at least 3 years of software development experience in energy storage BMS and EMS related products;
3. Proficient in C language;
4. Possess good communication skills and teamwork skills.

Job responsibilities
1. Responsible for requirement analysis, system design, coding, and testing of energy storage BMS software;
2. Responsible for software and hardware integration, problem investigation, and resolution of energy storage products;
3. Responsible for writing software requirements and strategy related documents.


Energy Storage Sales Engineer
Shenzhen Longhua District | 2-3 years of experience | associate degree
Job Information
1. College degree or above, 3 years or more of sales experience, and 2 years or more of energy storage business development experience;
2. Has strong market sensitivity and market development ability, and has the ability to operate independent projects;
3. Has excellent communication skills, good personal conduct, and teamwork spirit;
4. Has a strong sense of responsibility and ambition, and is adaptable to high-intensity business trips.

Job responsibilities
1. Responsible for expanding energy storage business and customer development, establishing customer partnerships, and achieving sales targets;
2. Responsible for product sales and contract signing, fulfilling sales contract related work, coordinating and handling various market issues.

System Engineer

Shenzhen Long hua District | 5 years of experience | Bachelor's degree

Job Information
1. Education background: Bachelor's degree or above, with a preference for humanities majors;
2. Work experience: More than 5 years of work experience in the same position;
3. Familiar with the system terms of ISO9000, IATF16949, ISO14000, ISO45001, SA8000, and C-TPAT, and able to establish and implement operational processes;
4. Proficient in internal and external audits, management reviews, and system certification processes;
5. Has a sense of responsibility and strong execution ability; Proactive and organized in handling affairs, with strong coordination and collaboration abilities; Highly dedicated and principled.

Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and supervision of various ISO systems in the company, as well as providing guidance on the operation of departmental systems;
2. Implement the quality policy and objectives, supervise the implementation of each department, conduct internal audits of the system's operation, and collect information on the achievement of objectives;
3. Organize and implement internal quality management system audits;
4. Organize management reviews and assist in implementing management review resolutions;
5. Supervise all departments to implement corrective and preventive measures for internal audits and management reviews;
6. Assist in organizing customer factory inspections (second and third party inspections/audits);
7. Assist superior leaders in relevant quality planning;
8. Assist SQE in organizing audits of suppliers;
9. Responsible for external liaison on matters related to the quality management system.


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