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About Us

Our Strengths

Our Strength

Reliable Products Quality
Consistent quality performance that exceed customer expectations.

Strong R&D Competence
Strong researching and development competence to design special model.

High Cost-effective
Continuous process improvement to drive cost competitiveness and quality performance.

Excellent Customer Service
FirstPower brings you not only reliable battery products and technology, but also excellent services and real value you shall expect and enjoy.

Proactive Response
Proactive response including:
Time to product, time to market, and time to volume.

Our battery can be easily installed. Installation includes communication ports, providing complete diagnosis, status reports, health status, and usage monitoring.

Advanced BMS management methods not only ensure optimal battery operation within the battery, but also provide additional safety levels, including:

Overcharge protection

Overdischarge protection

External short-circuit protection

Over temperature monitoring


Shenzhen All Technology Co, Ltd
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